Brand Identity



Famous take your company into a digital and emotional direction to attract target consumers.

Famous concentrates on the feeling people get when they think of your company; helping to build and shape preconceived notions based on experience.


It starts when we begin with reviewing the market, and then executing your logo design.

From initial brainstorming to early ideas to digital execution, Famous focuses on a proven method to gather relevant feedback and improve the design.


Drafting, editing and delivering copies that compels the customer to act on a brand and elicit directed emotional states. Converting and integrating brand tone and voice into a real digital or print state to be seen by prospects.

Includes Famous writing the content that will be utilized for the scoped work (print material, digital ads, traditional marketing, website, etc.). Before copywriting, actual tone and voice must be established.

Tone & Voice

Famous learn and refine how your corporate communicates with customers through every possible medium. Famous looks to capitalize on internal personality and value propositions often left untouched by clients.

Establishing your brand’s voice through set research, brainstorm & deliverable meetings. Famous then takes that voice and applies it to the promotional materials, digital mediums and all other aspects of your brand.