Digital Marketing


Social Media Marketing is the best way to communicate with your target audience. Famous has helped numerous corporate brands establish an effective social media strategy. 

Success in social media is primarily measured by audience engagement.  To achieve high engagement, we recommend that businesses be in constant interaction with their following across all major platforms. 


The generation, publication & leveraging of unique content publication & distribution to increase organic keyword search rankings. Famous aims to help you arrive at a scalable SEO plan.

Famous works to boost keyword & page ranking in natural search results on Google, Bing & all major search engines. Execution occurs through the client’s site by way of the organic search strategies.


Taking existing data from the organic paid campaigns; the creation of an executable plan. From analyzing competition, click rates and click costs to phasing in different tiers of campaign release.

Famous works with the client to establish the correct mix of SEO and Paid services. The launch of marketing campaigns that drive conversions through organic mediums, tracking and optimizing client acquisition costs.


Paid SEO campaigns structured to focus on keywords and display categories that bring in leads that converts.

Includes ongoing analysis, data filtering and re-purposing of both adds and audiences to maximize return on investment.


The strategic placement of paid advertising through the top industry & corporate partners, or specific target websites. 

Targeted at the non-Adword based paid campaigns to focus on a more niche base of potential clients to maximize reach.